Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Motto 'more in the Home' on the shirt Rossi Racing

VIVAnews - PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) managed to enter the motto of Indonesia Yamaha motorcycles and clothes MotoGP racer Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo. Tagline 'more at Home' will be posted during the 2010 season.

This award is none other than the sale of Yamaha in Indonesia could reach the highest in the world. Penyematan tagline Rossi and Lorenzo done in several cities in Indonesia.

"Hopefully this will make the inspiration for the whole community, especially Indonesia," said director Vincent YMKI Mulyono.

Unfortunately both drivers did not appear simultaneously. The event was divided in two places. Lorenzo had a chance loyal fans visited in Bandung and Yogyakarta. While the world champion, Rossi, present in Medan and Surabaya.

The event itself took place on 27 February to 1 March 2010.

In the event that took place in Bandung on Saturday, Lorenzo was accompanied by his new manager Wilco Zeelenberg, as well as several dignitaries Yamaha.

In this event, other than looking directly Lorenzo and his motorcycle from close range, the fans and media crews also have the opportunity to direct questions answered Lorenzo. Unfortunately, the committee guard making the media crews and fans could chat closer to Lorenzo.

Evening in the same place, fans got a chance again to see Lorenzo and dined with him in a gala-dinner. In the event, fans also get a photo session with Lorenzo, but still with a fairly tight security.

Gala-dinner itself is guided by a seasoned comedian who is also an icon Yamaha, Komeng and presenters as well as beautiful models Lena Tan. The sequence of events on Saturday ended with the appearance of the famous band from Yogyakarta Sheila on7 playing some songs that got popular.

The event will again continue on this Sunday. On this last day, Lorenzo is scheduled to be fans in the region menemuai Bandung Super Mall.


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